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This blog is for men and women looking for love. You will find tips on meeting people, places to go out with your new date, when the best time to have sex, and and lots more about dating. and just so you know, this is Not about just finding someone to have sex with, if that is all your looking for then please leave.


Looks are not always inportain to everyone. Me i'm not that good looking myself, i do not make much money, and i have no car, but i get with women.When it comes to looks the only thing that can hurt you is your smell, women and men do NOT like sinky people. if you can't, or don't know how to shower, well then your out of luck.

Were to find people

Now, the best place to find people is, well just about anywere, malls, stores, parks, buses, you name it. ( TIP - if you do not have a car try to pick up someone at a bus stop or on a bus, it is beter this way because it is hard to say that you have no car, and alot of woman will turn you down. trust me i know ) no one will ever find someone at home, the best thing to do is get off your ass and find someone right now. never say things like, " oh i'll do it later, or tonight, or tomorrow, the weekend would be the best time " no now is the best time to go out and find somebody. You can't sit a home thinking on what to do, were should i go, or what sould i say. After your done reading all of my blog, have a shower, and go out and find someone, becaues if you do not do it NOW you'll never do it.

The easy way to pick up women

the easyest way to pick up a woman is, look her right in the eye. DO NOT look at her legs, body, BOOBS, mouth. The only place you sould be looking is her eyes, when she looks back at you, give her a smile, nothing to big, just a normle smile. when she smiles back at you, say hi to her. This is the best way to pick up women, this shows them that your a nice guy, and your intrusted in them. Now if she looks away, she is a nice girl that wants nothing to do with you. But if she says hi back, that means that she does like you and wants to go out with you. So now that was the hard part, here comes the easy part. You've already looked at her in the eye and see looked at you back, so what do you say to her? Well the best thing about women is that, for the frist meeting and for the frist few dates, all they want to do is talk about themselfs. i've picked up women with only uesing 5-6 words. Trust me if you can have a woman start talking about herself, she'll go on for days.All you have to do at this ponit is ask her qustions about her, were is she from, do you come here alot, do you like this place, ( TIP - if you have nothing to say, talk about her ear rings, neckless, what ever she has on her ( but not her close ) say that it looks great on her, she'll love that. ) The best thing is to be yourself. Also the more you talk the easy it will be to ask her out ( just do not talk to her for an hour) ( TIP - when you are talking to her, do not talk alot about you, talk alot about them ask about movies, there pets, anything. ) ( TIP - DO NOT SAY - you have a hot ass, or somthing realy rude to her )

The easy way to pick up men

Well i'm a guy and to tell you the turth, if a woman came up to me and pick me up, i would think that it would be the best thing in the world. it is so easy for women to pick up guys, they can say anything, and i mean ANYTHING. ( TIP - do not say angthing like i give great blows, or your great in bed, because he'll just think your a sult ) so do not worrey about anthing cause us guys love it when women talk to us, and try to pick us up. Now lets say, you do talk to guys, or you do not know what to say. This is an easy fix, talk about them, touch there arm a little bit, always smile, and laugh alot, also check them out a few times. Any guy would love that. And if you do, do this and they still do not go out with you, do not worrey because the same thing happens to us guys. all i can say is never give up and you'll find the guy of your dreams.

Do women like bad boys

this has been going around alot, this is NOT true. you do not have to be "bad" for someone to like you, you do have to be a man. Women don't like going out with a little girl. Ok lets say that your not a bad ass, that's fine. this is how you can be a man, do not ask her tell her. what i mean by that is, say things like "lets go to the park for a walk", and not "do you want to go to the park for a walk?" you see women don't like being ask were they want to go or were they want to eat. they want you to tell them were you guys are going. do this and she'll think your a real bad ass, and not a little girl.

Were to go on the frist date

I think the best thing is seeing a early movie, and going for a walk, or dinner after the movie. I like seeing a movie because after you have something to talk about, it doesn't matter if the movies good or bad, you can still talk about it.

When to have sex

When it comes to sex i think you sould hold off untell the right time. Do not have sex the frist date, trust me things will not last long if you have sex for on the frist date. The frist few date are the dates that you are getting to know that person, and if you have sex right away that person will think that you only want sex from them and not love. And also do not wait too long, beause the other person will think that you do not like them that much. Trust me you'll know the right time to have it.

Well that's it

well that's it if there is something that you need to know, or need more tips, or everything is not working for you. e-mail me at and i'll help the best i can.